A Brief Moment of Advocacy

by Sriram

In the past, we have discussed the wonder of new diversity that food trucks have brought DC.  Title 24 is being debated by the City Council to make it easier for mobile dining vendors to keep operating in the city.  Of course, the lobby for the restaurant industry is fighting this – claiming that this is an unfair stealing of customers.  Obviously, this is stupid – and anti-small business and anti-consumer.  And, let’s face it, it’s not as if people will stop investing in DC because of a few trucks to help make lunch more bearable for office workers.  Anyway, today is the last day to voice support (or opposition if you do hate small businesses and consumers) for Title 24.  I don’t pimp political advocacy causes at all – and I have no horse in the race aside from a personal stake in tasty lunches – so I hope that if you clicked here, you’d click below as well and make your feelings known.


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