An American Bistro

Well, as yet another week descends in my tour of Rocket City, I am reminded again of the beauty that America has to offer. For instance, I checked out a local bistro recently after a meeting with whatever it is I do down here. The sign seemed garish for a “Country Store”, but given my knowledge of the South, a country store seemed like the right place to have some of the more indigenous grub. I have to tell you, visiting an authentic Southern store was striking. The wicker rocking chairs in the front, and the picturesque general store on the inside are enough to charm the pants off of a newbie like myself. When I discovered they also had a kitchen and restaurant, I was beside myself. So when the chance to sit down for some fried chicken and sides came up, I certainly was not going to be denied.

Sitting there after putting in my order, I treated myself to a locally designed “IQ Test”. I thought these tests were more ornate in design, but no, the Country Store highlighted a traditional method of intelligence that was withstood time and more supposedly modern methods. A picture is below:

A Southern IQ Exam
A Southern IQ Exam

After a couple of tries, apparently I was described as “purty smart”. What that meant in terms of the classic scale, I am not sure. As for the dinner, the local chicken recipe with traditional Alabama sides such as Macaroni and Cheese and Corn added to the flavor. I cannot precisely recommend it for losing weight, but if you find yourself in Huntsville, Alabama, this local bistro is a good choice.


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