Silliness, thy Name is Infomercials

* Well, on a slow work day like this, I could use a good joke – or a bad one for that matter.  Indeed, Roger Ebert and the unusually erudite commenters (if I ever get them, I’d pray they were as good) on his blog supply some levity.

However, for true silliness, where else to go but the land of INFOMERCIALS.  I must confess, I am a true sucker for them, especially on weekend mornings.  30 minute blurbs about products that seem so useful, that it is a miracle the free market has not caught up.  I mean you can just pen away car scratches, or cut through just about anything, or buy super cheap real estate, even make mini hamburgers!  Really, I am lucky I don’t have 100 “As Seen on TV” boxes in my apartment.

Obviously, though the best of all products is the Snuggie – the Blanket with Sleeves.  I admit, I watched the ad and wondered “do people really wear that to the game?”, but then I see that yes, yes they do.  It really is a phenomenon.  But now, you can enjoy your s’mores with them!  (hat tip, JoePos)  When the kids get that excited about the microwave, I don’t know how I can say anything bad about it.

Finally to end this rumination, a few words with Mr. T:


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