NBA Preview – Eastern Conference

Well, have not written anything like this in a long time, but we’ll see if we remember how.  A lot of changes in the NBA this offseason, although mostly in the form of arms buildup.  The rich got richer, the poor destitute and the middle class more middle.  Really with the money problems abound in the league (even with former players), it was hard not to see this coming, with the luxury tax scaring the crap out of teams and whatnot.  While the league prognosis is a foggy because of this, the reality on the court is we are back to a 1980s sort of oligopoly.  There are “gangs” fighting for territory, well known brands, and so while only 8 teams or so have real hopes this year, the matchups among those 8 will be memorable.  So without further ado, haiku for the East, in order of predicted finish.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron is so damn good

Cavs D, outside shooting too

Defend Dwight this time

2. Boston Celtics

KG back, knees fine?

Rotation full of old men

Can Rondo be great?

3. Orland Magic

Hedo gone who cares

Carter in better cross board

If Dwight scores look out

4. Atlanta Hawks

Low funds but smart team

Crawford Smith give bench some depth

Top 3 hard to crack

5. Washington Wizards

Flip can really coach

Lots of scoring lots of points

Defense still needs work

6. Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade really great

Beasley could be great real soon

Who else plays for them?

7. Chicago Bulls

Derek Rose franchise guy

But defense needs to step up

Luol Deng could help

8. Philadelphia 76ers

Have horses for speed

Sync with Brand needed for wins

Could be covert good

9. Toronto Raptors

Lots of shooting here

Almost no defense here too

But games will be fun

10. Detroit Pistons

All that money buys

Is a couple of role guys

Where is the nasty

11. Indiana Pacers

White white so so white

The cast of hoosiers when they

Need the Pittsburgh Fish

12. Milwaukee Bucks

Uniforms are green theirs is

State cold accents real funny

Who cares about team

13. Charlotte Bobcats

Larry Brown can coach

Team defense always real sound

Can’t win games 4 2

14. New York Knicks

Fly up and down court

Without purpose or playoff hope

At least games are fun

15. New Jersey Nets

Will Russia buy them

Will Brooklyn ever have them

Will their fans watch them


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