NBA Preview – Western Conference

You’ve seen the East, here is the West:

1. Los Angeles Lakers

Steamrolled West last year

Add Artest could make things weird

Healthy Bynum key

2. San Antonio Spurs

One more run with guys

Jefferson McDyess add depth

Will Timmy’s knees hurt?

3. Portland TrailBlazers

Ready for the next step

Brandon Roy is superstar

Oden could make the leap

4. Dallas Mavericks

Dirk can still bring it

But the team is old, risky

Will this core hold up

5. Utah Jazz

Lots went wrong last year

Deron healthy could be big

AK needs big year

6. Denver Nuggets

Lots went right last year

Though Melo will be better

Last year luck won’t last

7. New Orleans Hornets

Chris Paul is enough

Okafor heist gives some help

But Paul is plenty

8. Phoenix Suns

Run run score at will

Ignore defense and rebounds

Other West teams worse

9. Los Angeles Clippers

Blake needs to come back

He could be a special guy

With him this can click

10. Houston Rockets

I don’t see the skill

But I see toughness and D

They could spoil my picks

11. Oklahoma City Thunder

A hyped up “it” team

Will continue to grow up

But no playoffs yet

12. Golden State Warriors

What a loony bin

Nelson if he weren’t dead would

Never allow this

13. Minnesota Timberwolves

Skill youth is all there

Jonny Flynn will be all star

But not in 0-10

14. Memphis Grizzlies

Ball hogs are all round

Have no clue where passing’s found

Memphis should move team

15. Sacramento Kings

Weren’t they real good once?

Like nearly ten years ago

Not enough guys now


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