Game 1: Celtics 95, Cavaliers 89

Celtics 95, Cavaliers 89

Well obviously there is a linked game story above, so I won’t rehash that.  However, when the Cavaliers raced out to a 16-5 lead and then a 21-7 lead, dark memories of the 107-76 disaster from last year surfaced.  The Cavaliers came out geeked up, as did the Celtics, but the Cavs energy was more focused, and LeBron was right back in form.  His effectiveness on jumpers has increased progressively each year, and he bothered the Celtics with it early.  He also had a highlight reel block on Rajon Rondo, one of his patentend chase down blocks.  The amazing thing is how Rondo exposed the ball.  Does he not watch TV or youtube?  So that didn’t help with the crowd karma thing.  But there you go, the undefeated season stays alive.  Anyway, some other thoughts that came to me:

  • TNT – so much better than ESPN that it’s not even funny, even as Charles Barkley has stopped paying attention to the league.  Kevin McHale will be a great analyst though.  Good to hear Kevin Harlan again – excitable but a pro’s pro.
  • The bench was sensational obviously, especially with the 2nd quarter surge.  Eddie House not having to worry about running offense is key, and Daniels is a good chemistry fit.  Even Candace Parker’s husband has a chance to give some very useful minutes.  Doc has a lot of looks he can go to, and defensively there is a ton of versatility.  And this is without Tony Allen’s wing defense.
  • LeBron James is just ridiculous.  He still does not have a great post or midrange game.  He will either drive all the way to the cup or he will pull up for a shot.  But that athletic combination is awesome.  Best player in the league, and it’s not really close.
  • Kevin Garnett looked ok.  Not “there” yet – and who knows if he will get there.  But 13 and 10 in 33 energetic minutes is a good start.

Bobcats come a callin.  2-0 maybe?


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