Game 4: Celtics 97, Hornets 87

Musings from the Celtics fourth consecutive win:

  • Good to see the Celtics win a game without going nuts from three point land.  6 of 15 is still pretty good, but compared to the 12 of 24, 11 of 29 (yes a lesser % I know), it was good to see them win a game without feeling like a three point shooting team.  That said, having watched all four of the games so far, the threes are rarely poor shots.  Sheed tends to settle, but he makes ’em.
  • Defense lost its concentration in the second half.  Especially Pierce, normally a rugged defender, let Peja Stojakovic get away.  Peja is a fossil, but a fossil who can still really shoot it, as his 6 of 10 from downtown showed.
  • Rondo gets extended.  Is he overpaid?  In the current PG pool, not really.  Nash, Paul and Deron make more, French Tony makes as much.  Sounds fair.  Besides, somebody would have overpaid him in an offer sheet, better the Celtics overpay a little pre-emptively.

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