Game 9: Celtics 105, Jazz 86

Reaction from tonight’s Celtics victory over the somewhat injured Utah Jazz

  • The Celtics defense, who had shown some tiredness and was absolutely dusted by the Phoenix Suns last Friday … well, it has not fully healed yet.  However, the 86 points allowed in 91 possessions is a good start.  Most of the work came in the form of the Jazz going 0-10 from three point land while turning it over 21 times, thus wasting a pretty good offensive rebounding performance.
  • Rasheed Wallace sure ain’t scared.  7 three point attempts tonight.  That said, the defense and fit on the team continues to look as good as advertised.
  • Good balance.  Not only no 20 point scorers for the Celtics, but nobody took more than 12 shots.  Good distribution (7 in double figures), which implies …
  • RONDOOOOOOOOOO … 14 points, 11 assists … and total control.  Yes, Deron Williams had some back issues from the game before apparently.  However, still … Rondo showing his chops as a top 10 PG if not a top 5.



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