Pho 75

In this blogging adventure, a couple of times dining has come up, whether it be Ceiba or Ray’s Hell Burger, but I realized, why not instead of just discussing new places also write about places I already know well – but still want to sing phrases of rapturous delight about anyway.  Of course, there are several restaurants that qualify here, but the occasion for these thoughts was last night’s encounter heading back to one of the DC area’s very best meal deals, Rosslyn’s Pho 75,

Pho 75, as one might ascertain, is a Pho place.  Pho, of course is the Vietnamese beef noodle soup of legend – it is hard to adequately describe, but might as well supply some pictorial evidence – as it’s as good as anything:

Pho, Pho, Pho

The restaurant is simplicity itself – cash only, formica countertops, bears an uncanny resemblance to a cafeteria or a VFW or Elks Lodge or some other nondescript place.  The menu has the various Pho varieties – they only differ in the types of meat that go into the soup.  Otherwise, noodles, basil or mint, lime, jalapenos all are standard.  I got the flank steak and fat brisket in order to have a little bit of fat and texture.  The pace of service is quick, and the Vietnamese coffee I had on the side was wonderful prepared with evaporated milk.  The meat at Pho 75 is cut very thin and cooked perfectly, so there is the tenderness – no overtough meat here.  The soup is flavorful, and when adding the hoisin-ish and sriracha sauces to augment it to what I liked, the the soup is just a piece of utter contentment.  And all of this happiness for under $10!


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