No need to recap the fight, but yes I did contribute to whatever the PPV take was.  But some impressions:

  • Pacquaio, as is well documented, started his career as a strawweight and won his first belt as a 112 pounder (yes, I know they do not weight that on fight night).  But the ability he showed to take a lot of good shots from Miguel Cotto early (and Cotto looked really sharp early).  THAT was what drove the result more than anything.  Cotto is no small puncher: 
  • Pacquaio’s handspeed is one thing.  Cotto’s speed is not bad, at least it wasn’t early last night.  But where Pacquaio separates himself is his ability to throw shots with authority while moving OUT of hitting areas.  He is the lone fighter today who can throw while moving backwards and throw with impact.  Cotto could not have seen the punches that knocked down – hell, he could not have even anticipated Pacquaio would throw them.
  • I still think Floyd Mayweather Jr beats him – but this run Pacquaio is on is truly amazing.  Message boards will be full of the hater-ade.  But let’s be honest.  And we know Floyd is on the record not really being interested in challenging things competitively (he might – but only as an anciliary thing to making money).  Protecting his 0 losses is more important than legacy making wins.  That’s just true, sorry.

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