NBA Trade Thoughts: Stephen Jackson to the Bobcats

Here are the gory details.  Some thoughts:

  • If the rumors of the Cavaliers offering Delonte West and Wally Sczerbiak’s corpse were true – the Warriors turned down some real cap help.
  • While Bell offers “grit” and other white player properties, and Radmanovic is a decent shooter with a lousy contract, neither of them will be on the next good Golden State Warriors team.  There are no draft picks or anything coming their way.  Of course this is the coach who doesn’t play Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph – so maybe Nellie would be the wrong coach for this.
  • I am not sure if Nelson (the de facto GM – and a bad one to boot) intended to deal Jackson to an NBA Siberia, but I can see vengeance in his heart.  He extended Jackson (unconscionably) and gets rewarded with him begging to leave.  But that’s cold – especially when you spite the Warriors to do so.
  • For the Bobcats, it gives them some offensive help.  For their impotent attack, any help is useful.  That said, Jackson offers no utility for them – except that he was dealt early enough to maybe be spun at the deadline (to a team, like Cleveland maybe).  Of course Charlotte might be too incompetently run to warrant such respect.

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