Game 13: Magic 83, Celtics 78

Well, it is hard to get inspired to write a hell of a lot about this exercise in frustration, but some thoughts:

  • The Magic had the best defense in the league a year ago, so this effort is not a surprise on the face.  78 points in 93 possessions is certainly good work.  But really when a team shoots 34.5%, it is hard to compliment the defense fully.  Celtics missed a ton of open shots.  Rasheed Wallace went 0-7 from 3 point land, but they were all good shots, they just didn’t go in.
  • Rondo did not have a significant impact on the proceedings which was a disappointment.  In some cases, when the defense plays way off of him (as they do often since he cannot shoot), he has to find a better contingency plan … and he has to figure out the shoot vs not shoot thing a little better.
  • Magic are a good team.  Carter came up big in the 4th, but was 10-29 overall.  It is hard to get too enthused about their wall to wall effort.  Overall though, it’s clear they are a threat.
  • Garnett getting better each game, or at least less ginger.  They are doing a good job pacing him.  He will never be MVP level again – but he is still a stalwart.

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