Well, I’ll give it this much, the site is pretty.  After an eventful day in the Big Apple, mostly at Union Square or East Village, the evening took us down to Brooklyn’s racist sounding Park Slope for some snacks after.  Miriam was where we ended up, for late night apps and perhaps more.  Walking in, the ambiance and decor was nice, tasteful.  It was curiously not crowded for 9:30 on a Saturday (or maybe not – not sure how that neighborhood rolls).  Anyway, the place as the link previous shows, is an Israeli place, though the menu seemed more generically Mediterranean.  I ordered a couple of their appetizer/small plates, which were priced unusually well at about $2.50 a pop.  One of them was a daily special potato pancake with sour cream and applesauce i.e. a latke.  The latke was tasty and had good texture, a good safe solid thumbs up, but nothing that would make my heart sing.  The sauteed mushrooms on the other hand, were terrible.  First, they were not sauteed enough, so they seemed underdone, like salad bar mushrooms.  The lemon and garlic dressing helped but not enough.  Finally the mixture was mixed with some chickpeas, which gave a truly unpleasant texture.  The prices for New York were good – and maybe I came on a bad night, but it is hard to say a lot else good about the place – I’d think you could do better, especially in Brooklyn.


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