Benny’s Pizza

On night one of the Christmas excursion to the great state of Ohio, life somehow ended up in a pizza place in Marysville, which as far as I can tell, is in the middle of nowhere:
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But sure enough, here we were, at a place called Benny’s Pizza.  Given the spotty expectation I have for places in suburbs in general and in the middle of nowhere in particular, I was not hopeful.  Sure I can eat anything cheesy or fatty enough, but that doesn’t mean that it makes the foodie qualifications needed for a recommendation.  Just another TGIF or Olive Garden, right? (especially after entering into the bar area where Miller Lite was flowing copiously)  Wrong!!

When we sat down, the patio decor was fairly plain.  Plastic tables, paper napkins, nothing special.  I ordered the Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, which was actually pretty good.  It was not artisanly crafted I don’t think – but plenty functional and seasoned solidly.  The appetizer chosen were the buffalo chips, homemade potato chips (really a chip meets french fry hybrid) cooked in buffalo seasoning that were positively addictive, especially with the ranch dressing on the side.  The pizza itself though was the star.  In most American pizza locations, crust is a delivery mechanism for many many toppings.  At this place, that rule was not broken (thus it is not a transcendent pizza joint) – our veggie pizza was piled high.  That being said, the crust was thin and actually crispy.  It holds the toppings well, and had a solid cracker-like texture.  While not fine dining by any stretch, it is doubtlessly one of the pleasant surprises eating out in Ohio offered.


3 thoughts on “Benny’s Pizza

  1. Marysville is one of my routine gas stops between (nowhere) Columbus and Sidney.

    I take it you didn’t make it to Thurman Cafe in Columbus for Ohio’s tastiest burgers? To je škoda.

    1. no such luck – closet i could get to Columbus was Cap City – which I discuss elsewhere in BlogLand. Hope you had a good holiday.

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