2009-2010 BCS Musings

– With Ohio State’s authoritative 26-17 win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl, it is the first bowl win Ohio State has had since 2005.  However when you look at the entire run:

2002: Beat Miami in Fiesta Bowl, 2003: Beat Kansas State in Fiesta Bowl, 2005: Beat Notre Dame in Fiesta Bowl, 2006: Lost to Florida in BCS Title, 2007: Lost to LSU in BCS Title, 2008: Lost to Texas in Fiesta Bowl, 2009: Beat Oregon in Rose Bowl

7 BCS bowls in 8 years, 4-3 record.  I am not sure the “can’t win the big one” moniker is fair.  Moreover when you consider what school’s football teams you might be saddled with as an alum, Buckeye fans really have nothing to whine about.  (hey, I donate there still come on!)

– Boise State beat Texas Christian in a very very hard fought game with some NFC East of yore level physicality.  But here are national writers talking about what a bore it was.  If this were an SEC game, it would have probably inspired a Beowulf level epic poem written by Tony Barnhardt.  Really that was the downside of the very intriguing Fiesta Bowl.  The hater-ade was going to be out – and no matter what sort of matchup they gave us, the college football politburo was going to say they were not championship timber.  I don’t feel a need to declare a national champion – but if you must, how can you exclude Boise State?

Also, with the razzle dazzle that won it, Chris Petersen cemented his place in my elitist top college coaches list.  In no particular order:

Chris Petersen, Paul Johnson, Nick Saban for sheer football … Mack Brown, Jim Tressel, Pete Carroll when you add uber recruiter who can coach a little too (VERY little in Mack’s case) … and LSU gets some points for trying to win football games with a cheerleader/head recruiter/alleged coach who might know almost nothing about football.


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