Wow! I Can Enslave My Cousin??

Really?  That’s what Maine Senator Susan Collins told me.  OK, maybe she didn’t but she did point out an issue with interrogating the underpants bomber:

This failure occurred when the Obama Justice Department unilaterally decided to treat this foreign terrorist as an ordinary criminal.

Abdulmutallab was questioned for less than one hour before the Justice Department advised him that he could remain silent and offered him an attorney at our expense.

Once afforded the protection our Constitution guarantees American citizens, this foreign terrorist ‘lawyered up’ and stopped talking.

So the Constitution only applies to citizens?  Really?  Wow this will surprise my friends who came here to go to school.  They should be especially worried that the slave amendments do not apply to them.  I guess this means they can sell themselves into slavery (maybe to a college chum) if they have trouble making rent – so might not be all bad.

Glenn Greenwald covers the case law so I won’t rehash this here, but how does an elected official not know that the Constitution, unless noted specifically, applies to non-citizens in the US?  Let’s put it this way – Gitmo was invented so there would be a non US location so the detainees lack of rights could be justified by Bush (and the current White House has not changed that mindset).  This sort of fear mongering and abject stupidity is – well it’s typical of discourse today – like freezing spending in a depressed economy or something.


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