The Super Bowl XLIV Fallout and a Way to Help Some Future Spoiled Brats

Some notes from the most surreal, and curiously best played Super Bowls of all time.  Saints 31, Colts 17

  • Cystic Fibrosis is bad.  Curing it is good.  One of my friends is walking for a cure.  You can support her here.  On top of the whole curing cystic fibrosis, she’s a nice person too.  Better supporting her than a more obnoxious spokesmodel, right? (I keed, I keed)
  • This was one of the best super bowls of all time from a cold blooded execution perspective.  A wildly dramatic game this might not make, but really both teams did a good job executing game plans with a couple of notable exceptions.  Both teams were committed to not allowing big plays, so there were almost none of them offensively.  Until late in the game Manning did not get to 10 yards per completion and Drew Brees never did (32-39, but for only 288 yards).  It was a lot of bend but don’t break – a game that demanded patience from both teams, and that’s why the game zipped along.  Lots of accuracy, few penalties and the clock kept moving.
  • Gregg Easterbrook would be proud, as karma rewarded the daring – well daring from a football announcer perspective.  The Saints were thwarted on 4th and goal from the 1-yard line.  But of course the success rate on 4th and 1 is very high – it was the percentage play (much higher expected value than kicking 3 in such a situation) but most coaches are too gutless to do it, especially down 10 in a game where the Colts had all the momentum.  The onsides kick to start the second half which was a game-changer, was also a high percentage play (as long as you do it as a surprise).
  • Peyton Manning was excellent – the pick six that sealed the game was him getting fooled a bit on a zone that was well disguised, but Reggie Wayne forgot to compete for the ball.  He let the defender get over him and killed them.  Manning was blocked illegally on the return, but it’s also a call nobody makes.
  • The Saints were a great story.  I will not rehash it.  Indeed, it was an upset and a good story for the city.  Between the two cities participating in the Super Bowl, clearly the more fun, liveable city won.  (ok, unless your last name is Unser or Mears or Foyt)
  • Super Bowl ads were ok.  The most memorable to me was the Late Show with David Letterman ad with Jay Leno and the Coca-Cola ad with the Simpsons.  Imagine that, primary properties of rival networks getting on the broadcast.  Tres weird.  The Boost mobile shuffle was kind of brilliant, and of course, anything involving Bud Light is a safe bet.  Of course, this is without mentioning MiniKiss (or is it TinyKiss).
  • I missed the Who’s halftime performance.  My friend reports Roger Daltrey cannot sing anymore.  I have no reason to think otherwise.

2 thoughts on “The Super Bowl XLIV Fallout and a Way to Help Some Future Spoiled Brats

  1. Daltrey’s voice is shot. I’m not sure Townsend was actually playing his guitar. I can’t believe I saw them play 18-19 years ago in a “farewell” tour. They still sounded good then….

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