Anatomy of a Bathroom (During: Phase II … Day 1 over)

Well, it started with a bathroom that came with the rather retro condo.  Some progress was made with ingredients, new tile, getting to the studs.  Actually, things could have zipped along but alas, the desultory customer service at Lowe’s put us back by a couple of hours.  Desultory?  Let’s put it this way – the woman I gave my receipt to (to pick up the vanity) after 20 minutes told me I must have given it to someone else.  But despite all this, we are at the end of Day 1.  Tile board and backer up, some of the new drywall in.  This will get done, but the mountain still looks high – especially when the brain dead previous owner … (see the last photo for the punchline)

The drywall is in, the mold-resistant kind
The backer board starts to go on ... hopefully the tiles will be available soon enough
the other board on - we have something to tile
More drywall going out
The previous owners glued the toilet tank to the drywall - they are missing chromosomes apparently

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