Anatomy of a Bathroom (During: Phase III)

Here are links to the chapters so far:  Before, During I, During II … Day 2 has started a little later – but without shopping needed.  However, before we get to the pictures, a quick salute:

  • Took the team to the Original Pancake House in Falls Church.  Long a favorite it is far and away the best breakfast experience I’ve had in my time in DC.  Apparently it’s a national chain of sorts – but could have fooled me.  Honestly, DC is a bit starved for good breakfast joints – there is the IHOP by the Ballston metro, but that is less good than urgently necessary.  The Original Pancake House also does pancakes – but the variety is much more interesting.  It is not all whipped cream and fruits – the Swedish Pancakes with ligonberry play almost crepe-like.  The pigs in blankets I had were perfect.  This does not even mention the Dutch Baby – the giant popover-based sweet breakfast treat – very light and very well done.  Good job!

And now – more bathroom:

Formerly a toilet - now a hole in the ground, and yes I can tell my ass from it
This used to be my commode ...
Drywall coming together on other side -all the mold resistant we need
the crappy shower trim with much buildup. Soft Scrub - let's see
idea is to repair above the sink ... then we can put our stuff as surface mount
drywall on!
soft scrub helps the fixtures look presentable!

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