Anatomy of a Bathroom (During IV: The Stopping Point for a While)

Well was hoping this would get done in two days.  However, given the numbskulls at Lowe’s, and the sheer amount of work done, it is hard to get too mad.  Here is where you can find the previous editions:  Before, During I, During II, During III … in other matters:

  • Remarkably busy day on the telly.  The Big Love season finale aired tonight, which cut into time for Oscar commentary, let alone all the bathroom crap.  I won’t rehash the finale, aside from saying it was gripping, and Bill could not have made a worse decision – even if I kind of agree with him a little (no, I’m not – at all).
  • The Oscars has been good so far – the salute to the best actor nominees rocked.  However, I missed most of it.  The best line I must steal from my man K’s facebook update: “Short version of the Best Costumes winner’s speech: ‘I’m awesome. I always win. Everybody can suck it.’. Wow, that chick just made my night.”  Biggest laugh of the day – and one I needed after this weekend.

So, the bathroom is not done yet.  But there is a lot done and the bathroom is usable – as long as I like baths.  But this will resume in a couple of weeks when the chief architect returns …

the wall is repaired ... not painted, but repaired ... time for the vanity - we hope
Tiles! Tiles!
tiles around toilet done - hooray pooping
the tiles on the wall ... nice colour, eh?
more tiles! slowly this makes more sense ...
trash of the future
the vanity - granite top ... had to swap the drawer out initially because we couldn't get at the drain ... not glued in, but workable for now

last bit of drywalling to do


One thought on “Anatomy of a Bathroom (During IV: The Stopping Point for a While)

  1. Wow, nice… looks like it’s really coming together! Lori’s dad has some expertise! Are those metal studs behind that wall? I didn’t know you had drywall before and not plaster… so much easier to work with. Did you create a vapor barrier and sure moisture/mold resistant dry wall? Duroc?
    I like your spacers for the tiles. Who’ll be doing most of the grouting and sealing?

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