NCAA Tournament Haiku – Midwest Region

Everyone will have brackets and detailed breakdowns of regions.  I cannot attest to have seen ALL the teams yet, but I have seen many.  I am ultimately another jerk with an opinion here, so I figure I should differentiate my opinion the old fashioned way, with a gimmick.  This has been done before, so what the hell?  First up, the midwest region:

Subregional: Oklahoma City (Kansas, UNLV, Northern Illinois, Lehigh)

Kansas the top seed

An upset wager pays big

But stupid play here

Subregional: Spokane (Maryland, Michigan State, New Mexico State, Houston)

Spartans have laid low

But most of last year remains

Other teams not good

Subregional: Providence (Georgetown, Tennessee, San Diego State, Ohio)

Hoyas caught fire late

Not bad for eighth place Big East

Vols, Aztecs, Who Knows?

Subregional:  Milwaukee (Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, CA-Santa Barbara)

Buckeyes Turner lead

James Forrest ain’t comin back

No luck for Tech now

SWEET 16: Saint Louis

Region is quite tough

All four top seeds can be great

Only Kansas will


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