NCAA Tournament Haiku – South Region … and the Final Four

If you haven’t seen the other previews, check here for Midwest, West and East:

Jacksonville (Duke, California, Louisville, Play In)

Duke, white boy ball club

Been smashed by athletes on road

Cards could smash, maybe

Spokane (Purdue, Texas A&M, Utah State, Siena)

Siena can slay seeds

Have done it two years running

Purdue too hurt now

New Orleans (Baylor, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Sam Houston State)

ND finished strong

ODU could surprise some

Baylor’s athletes nuts

Providence (Villanova, Richmond, Saint Mary’s, Robert Morris)

Villanova a two?!

The way they finished up, two!

Richmond could sneak up

Regional: Houston, Texas

Duke-Nova again?

Nova is less but who else?

Baylor upset pick

The Final Four Haiku:

Baylor, WV and

Syracuse will watch while the

Jayhawks win the prize


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