Gameday – Part One

Free associating is a poweful thing, especially when one has a bit of a block for writing.  However, songs have been a common theme in blogs I have been regularly checking out, and indeed NQ’s latest post on the ESPN 30 for 30 on Reggie Miller had me thinking about the confluence – gameday songs.  Now, I am decidedly a non-ath-a-lete, but hopefully the tag cloud on this blog’s front page give some indicator where my head’s at in terms of interests.  Sports matter, and the right sort of themes undeniably work.  Obviously, Queen and Gary Glitter have been co-opted to such a degree that it is cliche.  But excluding such silly arena rock things, what songs are best to get excited for working out, a big game, or what have you?  Like something as cliche as the old intros of the nba on CBS:

A couple that leap to mind:

The Name of the Game – a driving beat, just exhiliration, no lyrical significance

Bombs over Baghdad – it’s OutKast, that’s a start.  Add one of the great non-intros in music …


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