Thursday’s Sweet 16 and the Greatest Gangsta Rap Song Ever

Keeping the introduction brief today – cut to the chase.  OK, not quite.  I did not see the Syracuse loss to Butler – television and attention span … sue me.  With that out of the way …

West Virginia 69, Washington 56:  A game with a curious lack of flow.  In the first half, with 25 combined turnovers, it was quite the eyesore.  It is a testament to the Mountaineers’ energy level and heart that they could keep hanging in a game where frankly, they played like crap.  Even in the second half, there was not that big momentum surge – it was just kind of futzing around, shoot and rebound … and rebound.  Suddenly they were up 13.  Really their offense is not good enough to really scare opponents into submission – but they are a hard team to blow out … if they can score a little.

Kentucky 62, Cornell 45: Cornell shot 43% as a team from three.  Thus, there was the avenue to beat Kentucky.  Alas, after a 10-2 start, Kentucky clamped the defense down.  Cornell just had no openings whatsoever.  Really without open looks, what was going to happen.  Kentucky’s execution on that end was sterling, and that allowed the offense to bloom from the open floor game.  That resulted in the 32-16 halftime lead that allowed them to survive a clunky 2nd half where Cornell got to within 6.

Kansas State 101, Xavier 96 (2ot):  A terrific game.  Kansas State’s superstar guard combo of Pullen and Clemente each carried them for stretches against a very determined Xavier team.  Jordan Crawford, the scoring star for Xavier, dropped 32 on Kansas State including a sick 32 footer to help force the second OT.  The officiating was brutal – with Xavier going to the line too much early, the refs seeming to notice this and calling in entirely in KState’s favor late, all while missing an attempted intentional foul by Kansas State at the end (granted, the ref was blocked by the fouler).

Tonight, Duke-Purdue, Michigan State-Northern Iowa, Baylor-Saint Mary’s and Ohio State-Tennessee on deck …

As far as the Gameday tunes goes, I started thinking about it, and my IPod went to the greatest gangsta rap song of all time.  Be warned, if lyrical content bothers you – this is bothersome … but the driving beat, the jheri curls, and yes, I am sucked in every time – until I realize i can’t sing along to it aloud in a public location … (NSFW maybe – use your judgment)

It is amazing that the first verse could be sung by …


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