2010 NFL Mock Draft

I have no info.  This is the same combination of what they should do with what they will do.  I read the same info everyone else does – and I am taking some liberties for people whom I don’t trust to act normally.  And ESPN’s draft board is helpful.  Mock draft seems preordinained – feels like everybody has to … so here we go:

1. Rams – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma … a franchise QB.  He is an obvious pick.  Is he a risk?  Of course.  But he grades out – and he can be their face.  One of the misnomers of the draft is that we cannot evaluate picks until X years down the road.  This is just wrong.  You can make a good or bad pick, and have it work or not work.  Bradford is a sound thought process.

2. Lions – Ndomakung Suh, DT, Nebraska … best player in the draft.  Disruptive force in the line, almost beat Texas without the benefit of an offense.

3. Bucs – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma … this pick should take seconds – Bucs just need to take who Lions don’t.

4. Redskins – Russell Okung, T, Oklahoma State … lot of T’s near each other.  But Okung has been the best the longest ratingswise.  Redskins stay sound here.  Remember they have actual management now.

5. Chiefs – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee … elite caliber player.  His not being a CB moves him down – maybe.  But the next Ed Reed?  Gotta take him.

6. Seahawks – Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa … Spiller is a sexy pick, but not sure they take him this high, not with so much need up front.  Bulaga or Williams could be the pick.

7. Browns – Earl Thomas, S, Texas … Berry would have been nice, but Thomas is not a reach here at all

8. Raiders – CJ Spiller … Al Davis is crazy, or dead.  Spiller can fly.  Sure they have McFadden, but who knows what they think of him?

9. Bills – Trent Williams, T, Oklahoma … they need someone to block.  Williams is a pleasant surprise to slip to 9.  Getting a NT would have been nice also.

10. Jaguars – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida … workout warrior, productive in limited time.  Pass rush was awful a year ago, so maybe they go fishing.  Derrick Morgan from Georgia Tech makes sense, but Jags might be attracted by upside.

11. Broncos – Rolando McClain, LB, Alabama … top inside backer on the board.  Broncos need help up the middle.  Really not sure they need to spend the #11 pick on McClain, but nobody else makes a ton of sense for them and not sure they would be the ones to take Dez Bryant.

12. Dolphins – Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech … could he be a standup elephant sort?  I don’t know – indicators are mixed.  But he can rush the passer and with Jason Taylor going to the Jets, pass rushing comes in handy.

13. 49ers – Anthony Davis, T, Rutgers … need a T, he has a high pedigree for pass rushing.  What the hell?

14. Seahawks – Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State … Seahawks were all over Brandon Marshall this offseason.  Pete Caroll wants to make a splash.  Bryant has Top 5 talent outside of his issues.  Makes sense to be the ballsy pick.

15. Giants – Sergio Kindle, DE, Texas … with Osi Umenyora crowing about leaving etc – DL is some priority.  Kindle is a proven impact pass rusher with some evidence of versatility.

16. Titans – Brandon Graham, LB, Michigan … pass rushing potential has been a Titans staple.  Graham was crazy productive last year though not precisely projectable.  Not the athlete Jevon Kearse was but same positional ambiguity.  But he can produce.

17. 49ers – Joe Haden, CB, Florida … not sure they want to pull the trigger on Claussen.  Haden top CB, seems better in measurables than his draft status offers.

18. Steelers – Maurice Pouncey, C, Florida … Steelers want to run – helps to have a center

19. Falcons – Mike Iupati, G, Idaho … too early for most of the remaining defenders, Iupati should be solid, they need better blocking.

20. Texans – Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State … they have a pressing need for CB help, he is the highest rated left

21. Bengals – Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma … they need a TE.  He could be a superstar.

22. Patriots – Dan Williams, NT, Tennessee … sure they signed Wilfork long term, but this is a position they cannot invest deeply enough in.  He is the best 3-4 plugger, and he is here late.

23. Packers – Kareem Jackson, CB, Alabama … if you watched the Arizona-GB classic game, you know the Packers need the help.

24. Eagles – Charles Brown, T, USC … Reid loves taking OL early.  It has served the Eagles very well – no reason to do any different or anticipate any different.

25. Ravens – Demaryus Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech … THE passing game for my Yellow Jackets, a great ball in air guy.  Could be super downfield target.

26. Cardinals – Jerry Hughes, LB, TCU … should absorb loss of Dansby.  Apparently has the versatility to play in the 3-4.  Of course I know nothing here – but seems sound with Cardinals experimenting with defensive scheme changes.

27. Cowboys – Rodger Saffold, T, Indiana … a bit of a reach, but they need to replace Flozell Adams and keep Tony Romo clean.

28. Chargers – Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State … Chargers need a physical runner to go with Sproles.  Late 1st makes sense.  If we wasn’t knucklehead, (though he might be less culpable than initially reported) so would Jonathan Dwyer.

29. Jets – Jared Odrick, DE, Penn State … Ryan loves more pass rushers.  Odrick is not especially sexy as a name, but he has been productive.

30. Vikings – Tim Tebow, QB, Florida … someone will take him for the crowd pop.  Why not them?  Patient fans, good QB to keep the seat warm.  Definitely a project.

31. Colts – Darryl Washington, LB, TCU … someone to drop down to DE, rush the passer still.  Colts strategy is known – speed over size.  They also could use the front seven help and Washington is known to be pretty cerebral.

32. Saints – Everson Griffen, DE, USC … his ticker is questionable, but the talent is not.  Saints very well might sell this pick off with teams restacking their draft boards over night.  I would not be surprised to see Saints try to auction it off to a team trying to sneak in with one more player from night one.


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