BGR: The Burger Joint

After a meeting out and about, had the chance to descend upon the Arlington location of BGR: The Burger Joint.  I had been passing it over and over again in trips to the Italian Store and whatnot, and finally I couldn’t help it.  Upscale burgers around here had sort of become a quasi-fad (like cupcakes) – and I have had my share. (foreshadowing)  Now BGR has its supporters.  I am not 100% sure where the original location was (I think DuPont), but apparently their lamb burger appeared on Bobby Flay’s throwdown.  Unlike Ray’s Hell Burger, BGR’s menu goes all over the map, not just ordinary burgers.  That said, my goals were pretty modest – so I stayed with a basic cheeseburger with their lunch special.  The burger was served with their special sauce (your typical mayonnaise-ish thing).  Unlike Ted’s Bulletin (which missed the mark on medium), BGR gets the cooking order I gave correct – and hit medium-rare on the button.  The meat was clearly pretty high quality, and it melted in the mouth properly.  The burger’s structural integrity is pretty solid with a toasted brioche bun.  Really, it’s quite good and for the $9.00 price, the meal with fries worked out pretty nicely.  The patty itself (for the classic burger) is actually not that large, although that is not necessarily a bad thing.  Really, this entry is fairly short – and that might make sense given the experience.  This is really a pretty good burger, and compared to Ted’s Bulletin, it’s a steal.  That said, Hell Burger is just in a different league as a total meat experience.  Of course, Hell Burger doesn’t deal in tuna burger or lamb burgers, so perhaps that is BGR’s value proposition.  On the evidence of their core offering, that might be worth exploring in the future.


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