Cacao and Zucchini Absorption Pasta

Well, the recipe this time comes from the trusty Chocolate and Zucchini volume.  What is Absorption Pasta?  Well – it is basically a risotto-esque methodology for cooking pasta where you toast the pasta, then add the stock a little at a time until al dente magic is achieved.  I am not 100% sure whether I executed it properly as the starchiness did not seem to emerge forth.  That said, the dish is not at all horrible.  With the parmesan cheese added, the creaminess is achieved, and the cacao nibs – previously unknown to me – create a nice coffee sort of depth but without the bitterness of espresso.  Indeed despite some misgivings about how we did, the food did “look” good.

Absorption Pasta

With the enriched pasta – the cooking time was longer than with the normal semolina, and perhaps it is more resistant to abosrption.  I don’t know.  Overall, decidedly worthwhile but not an urgent favorite.  Glad I tried it though.


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