Top Chef DC – The Premiere (Spoilers)

Top Chef DC – feel the excitement.  No need to rehash my undying affection for the show.  Now that it is in my current town – what can I say?  Instead of rattling off what happens, I’ll keep it to reactions.

Cool Thing Number One: Padma’s, umm … eyes.  She has pretty eyes.  Especially since she had a baby.  Umm … ok.

Cool Thing Number Two: The initial meeting of the 17 contestants took place on the roof of the Newseum.  A roof your intrepid reporter was on last weekend for a gathering.  A roof your intrepid reporter might have shared with a Joe Cuervo character.

Quickfire Reaction: We love mis en place races.  That they went back to it is not a surprise obviously.  The speed with which Kenny ripped through that chicken was kind of amazing.  I would have gotten stymied by the onions.

Cool Thing Number Three or Uncool Thing Number One: Kenny dominating the mis en place challenge, at least the food prep part of it.  When he got done butchering the chicken and roared like he just dead lifted a garbage truck – I laughed.  I am not sure if I am appalled or not.

Blatant Product Placement Number One: Morton’s Kosher Salt.  Yeah, I soooo use it.  Makes me feel cool.

Elimination Challenge: Cook for 300 guests at Cherry Blossom festival showing a dish that reflects where you are from.  Contestants compete in groups.  I like it for a first challenge.  Gives the chefs a chance to express themselves in food, and that is the whole point of the enterprise anyway.

Weird Strategy Number One: Apparently the quickfire winner Angelo thinks Kenny is a huge threat because he can chop onions quickly.  I am curious how this will go.  BTW: Good diversity across both gender and race.  I am sure Bravo did not think of it at all …

Pair of Eyes Number Two: Hello there Gail Simmons.

Pair of Eyes Number Three, or Actual Pair of Eyes Number One: I am sure the ladies are swooning with the addition of Eric Ripert to the judge roster.  I have not tried West End Bistro yet, but the reviews are not that urgent.

Judges Table Impressions: Nice thing about episode number one is the suck reveals itself fairly easily.  The dishes at the bottom were quite bad looking and seeming.  The ribeye as chicken nuggets was particularly harrowing.  That said, how can it not be John from Michigan, who did not trust himself to make a dessert without puff pastry, and cannot manage his hair either.

My Prediction is … a hit: Really, come on … the rest showed some ability to cook, ambitious mistakes.


One thought on “Top Chef DC – The Premiere (Spoilers)

  1. Right now it seems the two strongest players are Kenny and Angelo. Angelo is a bit of douche… very cocky… perhaps expectantly so since he won the back to back challenges.

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