Top Chef DC: Episode 2 (Spoilers!!)

More random thoughts and notions from the second episode.  Click here for the whole season:

Padma Quickfire Outfit: pretty pink, not dressed as a pirate or anything

Lame Quickfire Pun: Random pairings create a “Bi-Partisanship” sandwich.  None of them seemed precisely bad, though narrowly surviving Kate Hudson lookalike did not do so hot.  As usual, Angelo won.  So far, he is undefeated.

Social Awareness Ho!: The elimination challenge from a White House assistant chef – was to pursue one of Michelle Obama’s causes, eating healthier.  The contestants were being split in to four teams to put a meal together for 50 public school kids on a public school budget with a healthy eating target($2.68 per student, $130 bucks total).  Teamwork, tension, spoiled chefs with super limited resources – fun to see how they manage.

Dessert Foreshadowing: Kate Hudson making a banana pudding. Amanda – who looks vaguely like Sarah Silverman – is happy to pass the job.  Though she wants to make her chicken thighs in sherry jus is something that  might not be appreciated by the shorties.

Strategem of the Week: Angelo has immunity and the edge to pick his teammates.  He picked Kenny, the mis en place maestro to be on his team – perhaps to throw him under the bus??

Hissyfit Number One: Arnold, who resembles Season 3 Dale, in a fabulous plaid jacket, goes off on Kelly for using “I” a bit too much.

Gail’s Ummm … Eyes: Surprisingly restrained today.  I am not sure if I am heartened or a bit disappointed.

Dessert Foreshadowing Two: A kid retching at Kate Hudson’s pudding.  The judges were not enamored either.  The curious decision to serve a sherry chicken is not lost on the judges.  I am still wondering what Amanda was thinking – or whether she was a kid or raised by wolves.

Mystery of the Week: Did Angelo throw the challenge to get Kenny on the chopping block.  Of course Bravo milks this with a scene where he whispers to another that he does not like Kenny.  Clearly they are forming a Jack and Ralph rival – or at least that’s what the editing says.  Personally, he seems scheming enough – but hard to respect a guy who wants to eliminate his competition in a way other than outcooking him.

Unlikely Girl Coffee Talk Topic: Cheeky ad for NuvaRing appears during commercial.  The ad is four women dishing about this cool new birth control ring to put in the cooch.  The casualness of the convo is hard not to laugh at.  I am not sure whether guys normally sit at the bar discussing condom brands – of course I am not very popular.

Worst Facebook Fan Page Ever: Miracle Whip, seriously

Silliest Play for the 18-34 Crowd Ever: No real mystery

Stupid Decisions: Kate Hudson for her pudding was missing sweetness – so added 2 lbs of sugar!  Somehow the judges noticed.  Gail made a defense, but not very convincing – certainly not as convincing as her … um … eyes.

Best Summation: “Turd on a Plate” – or sherry chicken – but I like Tom’s description better.

Shout-out to the Kids’ Taste: The kids LOVED Kelly’s carnitas.  Carnitas!!!  There is hope for our youth!  She won the challenge to boot.  Also shout out to Tameka for the Sweet Potato with a no sugar chocolate sorbet on top.  I have no doubt it was good.

The Elimination Prediction: It’s still dessert.  Pudding with sugar is the crap you get in the supermarket aisle.  Kate Hudson is in trouble.

Who Packs Their Knives??: Yup.  This was not too difficult.  The eliminations will get more interesting later.


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