World Cup Elimination – Day 1

Uruguay 2, South Korea 1: Uruguay showed domination early, but sagged way too much and played too negatively.  South Korea’s goal was clean – but then when you see the utter beauty of Alavrez’ strike on the game winner – it is clear that Uruguay is really good.  They could be a surprise semifinalist if they win the quarterfinal – but they are NOT underdogs – not anymore.

Ghana 2, United State 1 (ot): Ultimately, the defense was not good enough – certainly not good enough to hold up in a neutral type of game.  Once again a horrible lapse caused the USA to fall behind.  Once again, key strategic adjustments resulted in a dominant second half where the deserving tie goal occured (this time on a correctly called penalty and resulting kick).  However, so much energy and substitutions were used – the wad was blown.  And in OT, the legs were gone, and a harmless looking long ball split the USA back defenders and a goal.  The US needs better finishing – but this side was so much better as an attack side … they struggled badly when they tried to be anything else.  Fun run.


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