Top Chef DC: Episode 3 (Spoilers!!)

Yet another entry in the Top Chef DC diary.  Click here to get to all of the episodes to date.

Padma Quickfire Outfit: Somewhat casual.  Not slummin – but could jump onto a motorcycle

Another Set of Eyes!!: Gail Simmons, the host of the dessert edition of the show – and the chef guy who is the lead judge of said show, are guest judges.  This must mean …

Quickfire to Anger the Chefs: Yup, it’s a dessert challenge.  The chefs have to make pie.  Tracy, the current whipping girl (bandana girl) forgets to measure the ingredients and it all comes out poorly.  Kenny earns immunity with a bananas foster pie.  Mmm.

Picnic: Elimination challenge is to put together a picnic spread for a picnic at Mount Vernon.  What a dang purty house that is.  Hope they bring extra for the slaves – oh wait.  Jonathan Waxman is the guest judge.

Easiest Job Ever: Eric Ripert.  He is listed as a new judge.  So far, 1 appearance in 3 episodes.

Creepiest Talent: In a mini-segment, Tracy shows a talent for telling fortunes.  Even if this is 30% true – sufficient grounds to throw her out, right?  We can’t have the occult.

Hissyfit of the Week: Alex, who seems to be very sloppy, and wearing the glasses Johnny Depp wore in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas had his stuff in the oven taken out by Amanda.  A real shot move by Amanda – or at least shows some sort of pettiness.  She also complains that nobody takes her seriously.  This might be foreshadowing … ooooooh.

Gail’s, umm … eyes: Sorry, Padma’s seemed twice as large this week.  Not that I’m complaining. At all.

Foreshadowing of the Week: Bandana girl after the picnic is done saying “all this food is good.  We all did a good job.”   A silver medal to Angelo saying Amanda’s baby back ribs were the best item there.

Pithy Judging Observation: When Kevin is visited by the judges, a bird hits his station.  Padma later intones “Looks like the bird knew what it was doing”.  Arnold’s lamb kofta looked the most lovely.  Also, Alex’s pork butt looked tasty – though Waxman thought the sauce was a tad sweet.

A Bad Sausage: Bandana girl’s sausage was homemade, and contained much fennel – Tom’s reaction was fun.

Just Because: Cupcake Wars on Food Network is the worst reality program ever made.  Work of Art on Bravo takes a good run though.

The Winner: Arnold.  A good choice too.

Who Packs Their Knives?: The guy with the Puerto Rican wife who madebland Puerto Rican food – solid candidate.  (Kevin I think)  Tracy’s sliders though – I guess judge’s foreshadowing when Jonathan Waxman in deliberation said that it was not the quality of a professional chef.

And the Loser Is … Tracy.  It was clear – she didn’t even seem moved by it.  At this stage of the season we are still eliminating chaff.  Amanda, Kenny, Angelo are all very good candidates.  But they won’t be challenged yet.

Sorry about the lack of inspiration – the episode was not inspiring this week honestly.  But next week, Eric returns as well as the DC Top Chef greatest hits.


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