Top Chef DC – Episode 4 (SPOILERS)

Some cattiness and a surprisingly meh choice for a double elimination challenge – and no Gail Simmons’ … um … eyes to look at.  A disappointing season continues to roll on … the rest of the season can be found here:

Padma Update: not much to report – casual at the quickfire, elegant later.  Only one pair of eyes to regard this episode so – hey, why not?

The Economy Strikes!: Chef Tom and Padma are judging the quickfire, and the elimination challenge is taking place in the Top Chef kitchen?  Come on now!  You couldn’t find anywhere else to do this?  There was definitely a sense of laziness in this episode.

Quickfire: A meal that would work as baby food.  Very interesting – you see the dishes in their adult form and then as puree.  Not a whole lot to see here, though Alex‘s green puree gave me the same feeling I get when I see peas in the baby food section.  Oh yeah, Kenny won.

The Elimination Challenge: Contestants get into pairs.  All 7 pairs cook breakfast (30 minutes) – top 2 are safe.  Remaining 5 cook lunch (45 minutes) – top 2 are safe.  Final 3 cook dinner (60 minutes) – one team goes home.  Also the dishes had to be friendly to a hotel menu.  The guys choose up teams – and we get some interesting pairs.

Guest Judges: Douchebags from DC!!  The detestable Mike Isabella from the overrated Zaytinya, Brian Voltaggio (we like him), Spike Mendelsohn (kind of a prick from Season 4 is it – and his burgers aren’t that good) and someone else.  Really they spent the entire episode being hypercritical.  It is easy to think that the thrill of being on the other side of the judges table filled them with hubris – the chance to tee off on these people for once!

The Shocker: Kenny on the elimination chopping block.  However for dinner, he made short ribs with his team.  With Arnold and Lynne’s Squid Ink Pasta being undercooked (and Lynne not being on board anyway) – their ouster not a surprise.

I think the recaps will get shorter as the season evolves.  So far, there has been no real attempt to make this show about DC.  Four episodes and no Jose Andres??  What the F?!!  Also, the talent level is not transcendent – not like last year.


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