Parish Cafe

I had seen the name pop up on many a foodie blog – and finally broke down with the latest trip to Boston.  Parish Cafe is a pretty neat concept – a sandwich place populated by sandwiches dedicated to and developed by chefs from some of the top places in the city.  From what I had been told, it was a good chance to taste the best of the best in a more casual price point.  Certainly seemed like a natural after a warm/hot summer day walking around the city.  Located on Boylston Street near the Public Garden, like most of Boston itself, it is very easy to get to without a car (indeed, better that way if you can swing it).

On the downside, the space is cooled by ceiling fan and not air conditioned – but that said it was not that bad.  I was worried about sweltering, but fortunately that was not a problem.  The beer list was good and wide – I took a Spaten for my drink.  One might call the drinks expensive, but really considering Boston, par for the course is probably more accurate.  I was tempted to get the lobster roll – but was a little intimated by the dreaded “market price” on the menu.  The intimidation was further amplified by the waitress who explained that the market was pricing it at $32!  That said, I still took the plunge, the tomato confit, mayo, lettuce, bacon combination was too tempting to pass up.  Fortunately, for the price, I got a lot of lobster – two hot dog rolls worth.  The lobster meat was cold and tasty, on the bed of applewood smoked bacon – it was a meeting of lobster and a BLT!  Two great sandwiches, how can you go wrong?  Fortunately, they didn’t.  A couple of the tablemates got the BLTs, and they were similarly lovely.  The overall tab is not dirt cheap – but it is affordable, and a good place to hang out.


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