Top Chef DC: Episode 5

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Flirting: Well, we have Angelo sweating on Tameka, and Ed sweating Tiffany.  That this is a positive symbol for Bulworth’s America, I don’t need to tell you, but also positive are the girls relative senses of humor and guard dealing with (at least in Angelo’s case this is pretty true) some real douchebags.

The Quickfire: Padma is nothing special this time around (just her … uh … eyes), but she has brought Patrick O’Connell, a restaurateur in DC who owns The Inn at Little Washington which is very fancy and very expensive.  As Keith Law in his twitter pointed out, he looks like crashed into a vintage clothes store.  Of course, there also a lot of crabs – and of course they have 45 minutes to make it into tastiness.

YUCK: Angelo says he caught crabs once (yeah – THAT kind).  He’s a douchebag, remember?

One would think: Timothy, the Marylander, would have the edge – hell, he thinks so.  Kenny of course is working like a speed demon and sweating.  Tamesha does not know how to cook crabs (she is allergic) but of course Angelo helps her out (BEWARE!!!).

The Result: After loving Angelo and Kenny (as usual) and hating Amanda’s weird choices (also as usual), ED ends up winning the quickfire.  Ed is happy, and I am too – since he seems like one of the few sort of likeable cats this season.

Elimination Challenge: As a team, they will be cooking at one of Virginia’s certified organic farms – they don’t know what they will be cooking with – they just have to game plan.  Of course, Angelo and Kenny take alpha male roles and they both argue over who gets the conch.  This is very funny since Kenny has tremendous presence while Angelo is a giant douchebag.

Off to the Farm: At the farm, things go down interestingly.  Tim takes all of the vegetables and has to be talked down by Kelly.  Tim ends up with turnips that he roasts down.  Roasted turnips?  That is it?  The chefs wonder whether he will deliver more thunder here.  Meanwhile Andrea tries to grill a pork loin but realizes it is a bad idea with these grills and cuts them up deftly.

The Winner: Amazingly, Kelly with her beets and a salad (always risky) came out roses.  Kenny was solid, and Amanda was in trouble (did not cut her vegetables evenly!).  Ultimately, though it comes back to the turnips.  Timothy did not deliver much and with the last few desultory weeks, there is no reason to keep him.

God I hope this season perks up.


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