Top Chef DC: Episode 6

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Father Figure: Well, Tim is gone – justifiably – but the show opens with cheftestants lamenting his departure, saying he was a father figure of sorts to the gang.  Of course you’d think dad in this context could cook – but oh well.

The Quickfire: Back at the Hilton – in comes Padma with Michelle Bernstein, former James Beard award winner.  Andrea is miffed, because apparently Bernstein is from Miami also, and they have a competitive relationship.  Padma asks Bernstein if this is a problem and Michelle says “it’s about the food”.  Oh the denial that’s not a denial.  Meowww!!!

Who Took my Testicles: The quickfire involves cooking with a series of very exotic ingredients – emu eggs, yak, and Angelo draws duck testicles.  Of course Angelo, the schemer probably deserves this.  Not that you can’t make something tasty.  Naturally balls jokes abound.  Of course Angelo was making some of these jokes – which of course makes ones skin crawl since he evokes the molester vibe.  Amanda draws emu eggs which she seems upset by, though clearly – it’s an egg.

The Twist: Padma comes in and makes them pass their protein to the left.  This put the emu egg in Kelly’s hands.  She is at sea, but at least thinks about making an omelette.  See?  It’s an egg!  Amanda gets the llama bits and Kevin gets the testicles.  After the 30 minutes warps by, we see Bernstein disapprove (predictably) of Andrea’s dish.  (so catty)  And Kelly gets the win, with a solid emu egg omelet.  Hooray for simplicity.

Elimination Challenge: Once again, no local DC angle, just a stupid cold war pun.  The cheftestants split into two groups to create cold dishes.  They will be serving to the other group.  The peers will choose the winner and who will be up for elimination.  If you don’t think Angelo has thought of trying to destroy someone – you have not watched this season.

So how does Angelo do it? We are on the presidential yacht where the contestants are planning.  Angelo is trying to give Tameka tips (as usual), Ed and Tiffany are flirting (as usual) … Kevin is wary of Angelo’s advice and yapping so he and Kenny stay far away.

362 words without a Padma blurb?!!: OK – well when she sat down to the dinner, she seemed to be trying to dress like some kind of pharaoah.  It was sort of weird.  She still has eyes though!

The first session: After we see Alex noticing cartilage in Amanda’s chicken but not helping her out (dick move), Amanda, Kenny, Ed, Kevin, Alex all on the block  … Kelly gets to judge both.  Kenny’s lamb is too raw, Amanda’s dish looked bad, Kevin ends up dominating though in the votes.  Of course the chefs are all incredibly vicious.  Tiffany marvels at the nastiness.  After some voting, Kenny’s lamb goes on the chopping block.

Session Dos: Tiffany’s peppercorn crusted ahi dish is universally lauded (wha?? they lauded her?)  But then comes the cattiness with Andrea’s tartare (too bland), Stephen’s was meh and then Tameka’s scallops were undercooked and way too spicy.  Of course I am a spice junkie and my pal Richard keeps packets of red chili pepper in his jacket – so we are the wrong people to ask.  Tameka, Angelo’s acolyte of course, is on the chopping block.  Tiffany advances to the good table.

Judging: With Michelle Bernstein at the table, Tiffany and Kevin get the praise thrown their way.  Kevin gets the nod, and a 6 night stay in Hawaii!!!  WOW.  Tiffany is easily the nicest person in the cast so far – so nice to see her get some love.  Kenny and Tameka get to the chopping block.  Tom opines Kenny’s errors were conceptual while Tameka’s were technical.  Kenny was floored he was there, and thought it had to do with the haterade the other contestants were drinking.

Pack Your Knives: Tameka.  Her dish was a disaster.  Also, though the judges say they don’t – how can the body of work not matter a little?  Kenny is a stronger candidate.  Of course, this is what you get for listening to Angelo!


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