Top Chef DC: Episode 11

Let’s get to it … the rest of the season is here:

Pregame: Alex is gone, which puts Amanda squarely on the “lucky to be here” bubble.  We know this – we also know Angelo is a weirdo.  Amanda mentions that Angelo is a TONY ROBBINS FAN – and uses motivational mantra and all that crap.  Angelo sure seems like one of those weirdos, so this is not surprising.  But still … yuck!  Also, the chefs are getting stressed, so Ed walks around in a dress.

Quickfire: Padma is in olive – with her is Rick Moonen.  He is the Top Chef Masters finalist who is a seafood guy in Vegas.  Padma introduces the quickfire with a series of inane food cliches.  “Bring Home the Bacon”, “Hide the Salami” and stuff like that.  So the chefs have to choose a cliche and create a dish around it.  The winner’s dish will be given up as a frozen meal to the Schwans Home Service.  Honestly, I forgot the cliches.  Amanda got “Big Cheese”, and made a mac and cheese.  Ed made a gnocchi but I forgot his phrase, and Kevin got “Bring Home the Bacon” with bacon three ways.  Kelly did something with a grape puree.  While this is going on, Angelo was yelling positive mantras to himself – it was pretty crazy.  Anyway, Moonen  did not like Kelly’s dish nor the Mac and Cheese which he said was like a boulder.  But he loved the gnocchi.  Yay masshole!

Elimination: OK, this is cool.  As a team, the chefs run a food stand at NATIONALS STADIUM.  They each come up with a dish.  Really not much to it.  Kelly takes the lead, but people are making the things they want.  They are not sure who takes the service, but Angelo volunteers to since he runs a sammich shop.  Really this seems a reason to have Padma in a Nats jersey.  Anyway, Tiffany makes a meatball sammich out of sausage ingredients, Ed makes Rissotto balls (like risotto hushpuppies), Kevin makes a skewer of chicken with aioli wrapped in shoestring potatoes (and yes, that feels like too much).  Kelly makes a crab BLT, Amanda dares to make a tuna tartare, Angelo makes a pork bun with a hot dog roll.  I know some ballparks do sushi, but tartare is pretty risky.  Amanda is worried about the facilities she might get at the park so she cuts the tuna the night before.  Needless to say Angelo suggested this to her – Angelo’s advice = elimination!

The next day when they go to the park, guess what?  Oxidation has started – Amanda’s tuna is greying.  It looks sick.  This does not affect flavor, but the look is tragic.  We get a big argument when Angelo decides that taking orders might be too hard for him and compromising his dish – and this gives Kevin a chance to get all up in his grill.  But Angelo relents, and takes the lead while Ed helps him prepare the Angelo sammiches.  The judges (Ripert this time with them):

Ed – love the Risotto balls, they stayed creamy … Tiffany – Eric thinks the sammich is messy, they agree it is lovely tasting, Moonen loves the messiness … Amanda – the food is tasty enough but the icky color! … Kelly – the crab is good but the BLT elements are dicey … Angelo – the sammich flavor is ok but the bread is too much … Kevin – just way too much going on and the potatoes got soggy in the treatment.

Judgement: All the cheftestants get called.  As one can see it was Tiffany and Ed for the win.  Ed gets it this time – so Tiffany with the double win last time, Ed the double win this time.  The other four have various problems.  Really Angelo seemed to have the most inexcusable mistake – poor sammich construction.  But Amanda is the one who has been on the chopping block so much.  And the tartare mistake is pretty elementary.  Will there be a surprise?


Amanda gone.  The five left can all win.  This should be cool.


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