BCS Do-Over: Week 2

Seeing as how we have the start of the season long standings, it might be fun to also do bowl slotting based on the current rankings.  Obviously this will change a ton, and the automatic bids will be filled in as the season progresses – so the conference champions estimated here are hilariously inaccurate and probably will not match Week 10’s results at all.  For the most part, I will assume the conference can fulfill its obligations unless there is a second BCS team chosen.

We walk down the BCS automatics:

  1. The Top 2 teams play for the title.  In this context, that is South Carolina vs Oklahoma
  2. The champions of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC all have automatic bids.  These teams are (respectively by conference) NC State, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon and South Carolina.
  3. The best non-BCS team available as long as its ranked in the Top 12.  That is Fresno State.
  4. Notre Dame is automatic if in the Top 8.  They are not.
  5. For #5 and #6, the language is the same: “If any of the 10 slots remain open after application of provisions 1 through 4, and an at-large team from a conference with an annual automatic berth for its champion is ranked No. 3 in the final BCS Standings, that team will become an automatic qualifier, provided that no at-large team from the same conference qualifies for the national championship game.”  This applies to #4 as well.  Florida automatically qualifies based on this criteria.

Now this leaves the at-large process:

We have two more BCS slots left.  We start with the Top 14 teams and look for two teams (not from the SEC which has two teams in the BCS already).  This leaves: Michigan State (6), Michigan (8), California (10), Baylor (11), Houston (13).  No need to expand further.  Looking at these candidates, obviously capitalism would dictate Michigan as one of the at-large’s while California gets the other.

Now we slot the teams.  1 v 2 takes care of itself here:

BCS Title Game: South Carolina vs Oklahoma

With the Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl losing teams to the national title game, those are the first two picks to take slots.  After that, the bowls are filled in the following order: Sugar, Orange, Fiesta.  If the Rose Bowl loses a team, then it gets its choice of non-BCS champion automatic qualifier.  So using this logic:

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs Pittsburgh

Fiesta Bowl: Michigan vs Fresno State

Orange Bowl: NC State vs California

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs Oregon


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