Top Chef DC: Episode 13

Rest of the season per usual is here.  With the finale tonight, a huge rehash of this episode will become obsolete extremely quickly, so I will stick with general impressions and a preview of tonight.

The Scene Shifts: For the first time, Top Chef takes its contestants to an international spot.  Singapore is an amazing country with a crazy mishmash of cuisines.  That said, putting Asian cuisine so high on the finale is a bit unfair to me.  It’s not like these chefs are guaranteed winners with Asian cooking – why should they be?  It’s one thing going to Napa where you have some options – but the ingredients and spice combinations here are legitimately different.  It just feels like a shitty way to lose.

The Big Winner: Ed winning both of the challenges was neat – he is the guy I am rooting for.  The challenge, serving to order was extremely difficult – and that the chefs were able to cooperate THIS late in the game was neat.  That said, Ed’s immunity made it fun for him to screw with Angelo.  Taunting the crazy guy is always good TV.

Time to Pack Your Knives: It was clear from the judges comments that Kelly did a terrific job but distinctly less terrific than the others.  Her soup looked a bit like mop water to me.  But at this point, losing is crushing – so my heart went out to her.  But she probably was the 4th best one left there – though again Kevin did not “win”.

The Funniest Judges Table of the Season: The picture of Angelo flat out sobbing, while the swelling music came and the various edits to create suspense was just patently ridiculously funny.  I could not stop laughing.  Angelo is just crazy.

Previewing Tonight: Looks like we have previous winners sous-cheffing and Angelo gets sick.  Does this mean that Angelo will rise up and win?  I hope not.  But he’ll probably be sobbing either way.


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