Top Chef DC Finale – SPOILER WARNING (and a food truck update)

Two more food trucks added to the DC Master list … now for the news at hand …

Well, I guess it’s Top Chef: Singapore at this point, right?  Whatever – the rest of the season is located here.  Let’s cut to the chase:

How sick was Angelo? I have no doubt he was sick.  But when he got Hung as a sous-chef … Hung, with all due respect to Kenny’s mis-en-place mastery earlier this season, is the true Preppin Weapon.  Getting an Asian with superb prep skills was a masterstroke.  Given Angelo’s proven inability to deal with adversity – he lucked out.  Did he hang on Hung?  I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here – and they pulled off a pretty good effort considering the chaos.

Ed screwed up – twice! The dark irony of Ed not winning was the voice overs where he said he did not want to be taken down by his sous chef.  He used Ilana as an assistant, but then let him deal with the dessert – and the dessert was a fatal blow, especially compared with the other chefs who knocked it out of the park.  That Ed did not pay attention to dessert – mandatory, and a chef-killer season after season – was a huge misstep.  He knew the pitfalls of prior seasons, but screwed up anyway.

The Stunning Winner: Kevin just kept in the weeds.  He won a challenge or two, but Ed, Tiffany and Angelo had more better days.  But the game is to not finish last and then finish first when it counts, and Kevin did it.  His meal looked gorgeous, his training showed.  The judges had the most compliments to send.  Overall the season finished very strong.


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