Assateague – Picked up Pieces (and Ponies)

Picked up pieces for Assateague, the last major trip of consequence (at least that was blogworthy):

  • Assateague – it’s a great camping trip – second time we have done it.  The traffic from DC stinks, but this year at least did not leave during rush hour.  The national seashore is the way to go.  Being on the beach side is just awesome, being so close to the beach is great – especially on a weekend where the weather cooperated.  That said, if you don’t like mosquitoes – don’t come here … period.
  • The island of course is most famous for the wild ponies.  Last year we saw a few, and one was in the parking lot.  But this year – well, we were not cheated.  Pictures should tell all.
  • One night took us to Ocean City, MD.  I had never been, and the thought of eating Maryland crabs had appeal.  We went to the – as it turns out – most touristy location, Hooper’s which is right there, as you enter.  Certainly the link shows a rollicking good time – iconic crab eating.  The crabs, to be fair, probably were good.  I did not partake in the dozens of crabs, but had a bucket with crab legs, oysters and stuff.  However, I can say, that the rest of the food – sucked.  The crab legs were overcooked, the peel and eat shrimp was over cooked to the point of being like eating Chuck Taylor soles.  The oysters and clams in the shell were actually quite overdone too.  Of course all of this was topped by A) the restaurant giving packets of cocktail sauce when we asked – like Kraft, not private label … and B) quite possibly the worst hush puppies ever made – unless you think hush puppies should have the consistency of overcooked calimari.  Amazingly, the cole slaw was good – fainter praise I cannot offer.
An inflatable raft - perhaps sending inflatable Huck and Jim towards their inflatable freedom
I heard there were horses here
Did I mention horsies?
Yep - it's a horse's ass
Home of the worst hush puppies in the world! And it's probably not hyperbole!

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