Ohio: Picked up Pieces

As part of the travel escapades over the last few weeks, I present to you, Ohio …

  • Hiking was to be had – the choice was Cuyahoga Valley National Park, which is in between Akron and Cleveland, basically.  Also in between Cleveland and Akron is Richfield, home of the Cavs during the Brad Daugherty days – which might not mean anything – but hey I find it interesting.
  • Cuyahoga Valley and the river itself was not exactly gushing, possibly a symptom of usage, or the weather – whatever.  The trail was not exactly well defined – signage is not quite a priority here apparently.  But it was still a nice look, and one of the smaller National Parks designed to be more metro friendly.
  • The ride back went through Amish country.  My sister complained about cultural exoticism with Werner Herzog.  When I think of cultural exoticism, I think of gawking at a people who don’t use that funky technology bidness.  Fortunately we kept the gawking to a minimum, and certainly the place is not averse to tourist traps.
  • The restaurant: Der Dutchman – a serious tourist trap from the looks of it.  If you’ve ever had kimchee, or Spicy Thai Basil Rice – this is not that … at all.  The broasted chicken – fried in a pressure cooker basically – was delicious.  But there was a littany of bland bland bland otherwise.  As an American I love Americana food.  So there you go.  But bold?  Well that’s somewhere else apparently.
A classic!
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Brandywine Falls

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