A Pretend College Playoff

Normally I write about rankings given what we know about the BCS selection process.  But what if we were set free from the BCS.  The BCS is a stupid way to pick the best team in college football – but it is a useful way to make money, and keep 1-A football afloat.  The BCS has never pretended to be fair.  But how could one identify the best team in college football.  Given that now we have Week 6 worth of data, what if we used a playoff format?  Of course, my friend Adam did just that – and since I am not against stealing good ideas, how would his format fit with the system we know today?

Adam’s format idea is a 24 team tournament with 11 automatic bids (duh) and 13 at large spots with no conference getting more than three positions.  This seems like a solid place to start.  That said, I will allow 12 team leagues to have a 4th team.  So, the automatic bids …

  • Big Ten: Ohio State
  • Big 12: Nebraska
  • Pac 10: Oregon
  • SEC: Alabama
  • Mountain West: TCU
  • WAC: Boise State
  • ACC: NC State
  • Conference USA: Central Florida
  • Big East: West Virginia
  • Sun Belt: Troy
  • MAC: Northern Illinois

The thirteen at-large bids?  We’ll defer to the Week 6 rankings – except with the Pac 10 both California and Arizona are viable at-larges, but I took the lower ranked Wildcats due to fewer losses and the head to head win over California earlier this season.

  • Pac-10 (2): Stanford, Arizona,
  • Big 12 (3): Oklahoma State, Missouri, Oklahoma
  • Big Ten (2): Iowa, Michigan State
  • SEC (3): Auburn, LSU, South Carolina
  • ACC (2): Florida State, Virginia Tech
  • MWC (1): Utah

This leaves you with 24 teams.  Creating the pure 24 team ordering per the Week 6 rankings … from 1 through 24:

Ohio State, Nebraska, Oregon, Alabama, Stanford, TCU, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Oklahoma, Iowa, Boise State, Auburn, LSU, South Carolina, NC State, Michigan State, Florida State, Arizona, Utah, Virginia Tech, Central Florida, West Virginia, Troy, Northern Illinois






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