Hunan Gate

Wow!  It has been a long time since I had been to an honest to goodness American-Chinese place.  Sichuan?  Check.  Shabu-shabu?  Check.  Stuff with black bean sauce all over it that looks an awful lot like spaghetti and asphalt?  Check.  But the General’s Chicken and Beef and Broccoli bit?  Actually, it had been a longer time than I could ever remember.  After a day of gaming in the Ballston area, we decided to check out Hunan Gate in Ballston – I am still not precisely sure why.  One of my friends said this was one of the better places in the area – and one of my Noo Yawker friends pontificated about how spoiled he was compared to here.  Personally, if the menu does not have at least one somewhat frightening item on it, it’s all the same.

Clearly, I have you – intrepid reader – excited and aroused at the possibility of Hunan Gate – with all this snark and elitist claptrap.  Oh, there are no chili crabs!  But – putting aside the obvious – this place actually is pretty solid as far as these things go.  The hot and sour soup – actually was both.  It was clearly a pretty conventional hot and sour soup – but in a way that is educational.  It is the sort of the blocking and tackling of American Chinese – if the hot and sour soup sucks, chances are the rest joins in the suckitude.  The entree I ordered was the twice cooked duck – unfortunately given how tough the duck was, it was cooked perhaps one time too many.  I understand the twice cooked thing (once for the sear, once to actually cook the meat).  Alas, I was hoping for it to have kick (being that it was starred on the menu) but it didn’t.  The sesame chicken had similar non-spicy issues (more sweet than anything).  However the kung-pao chicken had solid depth and heat considering.  The broccoli with garlic sauce though was tasty.

Ultimately Hunan Gate is a very solid choice for this sort of thing – although I still like Panda Bowl if I EVER wanted this stuff delivered.  The review might seem lukewarm – but let’s face it, we were kind of destined to tepidness.  I miss Hong Kong Palace.


6 thoughts on “Hunan Gate

  1. Unfortunately, it’s my favorite Chinese restaurant in this area. I’m not a huge fan though. I would have to respectfully disagree with you on the part about the somewhat frightening thing on the menu equaling a better place. Everyone has their own tastes.

    1. I liked the place. Me, I wouldn’t eat the scary item myself. Actually – the demographics of folks inside the place is a better harbinger. I won’t eat dog or cat (well, unless it’s jerky maybe) 🙂

  2. I’m more inclined to eat cat or dog or any other animal over certain other items. 🙂 I will definitely never suck snails out of shells again after having some in China eating them that way. And I still can’t do bamboo shoots without thinking of the bamboo shoots dish we had at that same place. It was horrible!

  3. I would have to say IMHO, that although the service was very there… the food was solidly mediocre. Yes it was “American-Chinese”… be I’ve had better “American-Chinese” (I’ve also had worst). The hot and sour soup proved neither hot nor sour relatively speaking and only stood out as being plain and bland. Would I go back there again? Yes, again I liked their service! Would I order the same kung pao chicken dish? Definitely not… Perhaps I’m spoiled by the exquisite Chinese places in MoCo.

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