India – Musings in the South, Part 2

Well, if you chose to click on this barren virtual wasteland, then you probably have seen the Tiruchi section of India travelogue.  Of course, the trip also took us to Tanjavur, seat of the Chola Dynasty and where my family originated from.  The key attraction in Tanjavur of course is the Brihadiswarha Temple which was built by the Cholas.  The temple is on the UN register, and so has the funding to keep it both well preserved as well as basically free to tour and photograph (outside of the inner sancta):

Brihadiswara Temple - from the front

OK - I HAD to take one of these

Besides the temple and the Chola history, we got to drink up a bit of family history – including a view of the really humble beginnings.  We got to visit the home and neighborhood where my father came from.  What is striking, when you see the place, is how even going the the States was any sort of theoretical construct to him.  That is, that it even could ever exist as a dream or whatnot is absolutely stunning.

This alley is where the family lived along with several other families. The people who live in the house my Dad grew up in have been there for over 50 years ... so leaving is not high probability.
The house. Much constructed since the olde days.
Entering the humble abode ...
A shoe area, but used to not be there.
Located between houses, this was the entrance the servants would use to clean up ... well, the business. The open sewer is still around - and at times, the smell did not escape us.

This was the more emotional part of the trip – it is still hard to fathom how I am here typing a post on this.  Just amazing how far away that all was.


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