Luray Caverns

Well, I had been to Luray before – when I was a kid.  So it seemed appropriate, that finally at some point – we would have made our way to one of the tourist staples of the area.  It is an interesting amalgam of lovely nature and crass tourism.  This is not an untouched National Park so much as a lovely fascinating set of cave formations surrounded by a lot of bric a brac made in places like China and Pakistan.  But what amazing sights the cavers have!

Reflecting Lake
Another great shot of the lake
This column is the Persephone Column, though that was butchered by the audio tour.

The Car and Carriage Museum also come with the admission, and that provided some interesting stuff.  The classic (and I mean like Model T classic) always provide some fun.  They even have the wheel – though I doubt its authenticity.

The wheel? Really - this isn't authentic?

The day ended with a meal at Artisan’s Grill in central Luray.  Usually these captive audience sort of restaurants are discouraging.  As such – especially given it’s typical American bent – my expectations were very low.  Lo and behold, this place was about ten times as good as I anticipated.  My oyster sub was cooked nicely without a cloying amount of tartar sauce.  Their desserts were homemade and the ice cream was locally sourced – and my own choice, choclolate pecan, was unbelievably rich and deep in flavour.  A real pleasant treat.


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