Top Chef All Stars – Update #2

With Jamie and Tiffany the Red Head gone, that leaves us with ten contestants remaining … five other random observations about the season now that we hit the busuiness end?

  1. This has been a better season than I expected.  The challenges have been novel and interesting – including this past week’s fish challenge.  This is a stark contrast to the show’s tentative usage of the DC location of last season.
  2. Compared to the insane asylum of Top Chef: Just Desserts, it is nice to see it about the food again.  Obviously there are personalities (Marcel as a douche, Angelo as a weirdo, etc), but all these guys clearly got skills – and with the expunging of Tiffany and Jamie, it feels like we are left with ten cheftestants who can win this.
  3. Bravo seems to be in an unfortunate bait and switch.  They advertise Anthony Bourdain as their big special judge, but he has only appeared in two episodes.  That said, his blog is invaluable.
  4. Best episode this season might have been the dim sum episode.  Starting with seeing Chef Tom rip off a dish in eight and a half minutes all the way to their disastrous performance in just getting food out for customers – a corker all the way.
  5. One of my readers thought this season was all about Richard Blais, indeed a TV celebrity in his own right.  While he has been good, Dale Tilde has shown a bit more thunder with two challenge wins.  Sure, Carla Hall has the wins too, but her range has seemed to be narrow.  She gets something in her wheelhouse, look out.  Looking at the remaining ten, all capable of winning, I’d line them up in this order (least likely to most):  Fabio, Tre, Tiffany D, Carla, Marcel, Antonia, Mike I, Richard, Angelo Dale T.

Of course, I would not bet anything important on anything I say.


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