The Worst Cooks In America Season 2

Well, after last night’s particularly surprising elimination – the second season of The Worst Cooks in America is heading towards its finale next week.  Considering how last season’s episode spawned the only true celebrity moment in this history of this blog when semifinalist Jen Vecchio actually commented, I would be remiss not to laundry list a few observations about this season.

  1. I was initially skeptical about the contestant search process.  How could they have gotten an appropriate army of incompetent cooks now that the cat is out of the bag?  To their credit – they did find a pretty horrendous group of contestants.
  2. Beau McMillan – the masshole who represented the blue team a year ago, was replaced with Chef Robert Irvine – he of the enormous arms, a sort of culinary Karl Malone.  I am not sure he is an improvement – indeed I am not sure of his qualifications – but he is better on TV.  As usual, the confessionals reduce he and Anne to speaking in stupid cliches – but I’ve learned to live with it.
  3. The contestant overall seem – and I might be wrong – to be learning less here.  I might be wrong.  In particular this lady Kat – who hated eggs – seemed to make some really horrible mistakes and she ended up in the Top 6.  On the other hand, given that the main joy of this show is the reassurance that I am not incompetent in the kitchen, it’s just as well.
  4. The waterworks have been better this year – although this week’s episode where each of the contestants’ special someones were there to eat – oh was there crying.  In particular Joshi – the 36 year old former kosher, was quite the tub of goo.
  5. The final episode looks interesting.  This season is a little less compelling – unless of course you are a middle aged woman who likes to feel Robert Irvine’s muscles.  Of course I probably scared off that demographic a while ago.

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