Worst Cooks In America – Season 2 Finale (SPOILER!!))

Fortunately, the second season of Worst Cooks in America was able to avoid the creepy psychodrama of last season’s finale.  As you might recall, last season Jenny Cross was one of the incompetent unwashed – and was so inspired that she wanted to become a chef, but her dream was shattered at the end.  It was almost unpleasant to watch as I wrote about oh so long ago.  Thankfully, the final battle betweem Joshi and Georg contained a far less baggage:

  1. Obviously these are two odd names for the contestants.  Indeed Joshi was a pretty annoying guy the entire way through – just that sort of “I’m on TV” preciousness that is a bit hard to watch.  That said, he seemed to the take mission of being a less shitty cook seriously.
  2. Georg was just a sweetheart.  Also, that she is a lesbian with a wife and kid – well, that in itself is not special, but it was nice to see the show not make any special case of it.  She has loved ones she wanted to improve herself for, and that was it.  That sort of matter of fact-ness is refreshing considering TV’s propensity to make homosexuality either scandalous, or some sort of awesome party trick.  It’s not much progress (hell, just one crappy reality show) but every bit counts.
  3. Any chance to see the dour Donatella Arpaia judging is always worthwhile.  I am not sure why the contestants had to be labeled client X and client Y.  Why do the judges need to be blind – I just don’t see a bias that needed to be protected.
  4. The menus both produced were terrific sounding.  That said, too much goat cheese can be cloying I suppose.  Georg’s mistake with the dessert though was so easy to see – I am not sure how chef big-arms could have missed it.  The deep fried bananas sounded delicious but you have to do those LAST.  The bananas sitting around was going to be a problem – and I’m not sure if Robert actually went over that.
  5. For once, with all the false alarms, red herrings and weird foreshadowing that shows like this and Top Chef do, amazingly the judging was not convoluted.  The contestant who the comments seemed to lead towards actually won.  Once again, that is kind of refreshing.

Overall, this was a good season.  While the chefs did not seem to learn quite as much on a whole – the lack of waterworks and pumped up melodrama was a welcome change.  (obviously there was some – it’s reality tv after all!)


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