Dare to Be Stupid – How Much is that Lottery Pick in the Window?

Waking up this morning, THIS story comes on the interwebs.

Cavaliers get Baron Davis and the Clippers first round pick in the 2011 draft

Clippers get Mo Williams and Jamario Moon

For the Clippers, this is pretty easy.  Mo Williams is a lot cheaper than Baron Davis, while Moon expires.  The deal they signed Davis to has largely been a disaster.  Baron Davis is the best point guard in the NBA – the man whom if you were to go to the point guard parts store to build a perfect PG, he’d probably be what a prototype would look like – when he is motivated and not injured.  Sadly that latter condition has been all too rare.  The Clippers are happy to be rid of his contract, even though they are getting an inferior player in Mo Williams.  Williams won’t be throwing Blake Griffin over the car alley-oops, but he can space the floor.  I am sure Clippers fans will not miss Baron’s 3 or 4 ill-advised threes per game.

For the Cavaliers, reportedly they were willing to buy another solid lottery pick – and Baron Davis is the cost.  Davis can help them, if yadda yadda yadda.  However, really they wanted another potential top ten pick in this draft.  I am not sure why you’d double down so hard for a pick in THIS draft – which is highly speculative (not a ton of guys you can say are turnkey), but the Cavs do need a talent infusion ASAP, and this moves that process along.


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