Dare to be Stupid – I’ll Take “Not Blake Griffin” for $200 plus …

Well, as you probably have figured out by now – there was a guy, and a car …

With  Blake Griffin taking the world by storm, so – it makes the much slower development of Hasheem Thabeet, the Grizzlies pick – 2nd overall – all the more stark.  And today the Grizzlies tapped out:

Rockets get Hasheem Thabeet and the Grizzlies 1st round pick in 2011

Grizzlies get Shane Battier

The Grizzlies needed a small forward with Rudy Gay’s injury.  Battier can back up the two and four positions as well.  He is a good glue player, and the Grizzlies have a unique opportunity to race up the West standings – especially with Denver and Utah waving white flags earlier.  But this does bury the lede a bit – that the Grizzlies could not get a quality role player with the former #2 overall pick.  Yikes.

The Rockets continue to collect assets.  They get a second first round pick (of three – keep reading).  They were all dressed up looking for a dance partner, but could not get anyone to bit on Yao’s insured contract, which surprises me.  So that being said, they are able to get a mid first round pick from the Grizzlies and a chance to develop Thabeet.  He has been a bust so far, but he is 7’3″, and there is no reason he cannot develop into a useful guy.  Just amazing to see the Grizzlies give up on that chance so quickly and so desperately.


In another deal:

Suns get Aaron Brooks

Rockets get Goran Dragic and the Suns’ first round pick in 2011

The Rockets had a point guard glut – it’s clear they have chosen Kyle Lowry over Brooks – who is really better suited as a poor man’s Leandro Barbosa type anyway.  They also get a first rounder in the next draft – and thus another asset.

The Suns get some backcourt help.  It’s pretty clear that they see the newly Charmin soft bottom of the playoff bubble – and want to try to make the playoffs.  The wisdom of this strategy long term is dubious – but I can’t argue with a team trying to make the tournament.  This definitely helps them to that end – Brooks brings the speed and quickness the team always has been deft with using.


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